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Communications and Information is critical to the successful management of any multi-unit residential development
Communicating timely and relevant information to owners and residents is the number one problem facing managers of multi-unit residential properties today. Our newly launched Livedin App solves this problem.

Our dedicated messaging app enables property managers to communicate in real-time with owners and residents and present relevant information to ensure they maximise the benefits of community living.
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Multi Unit Developments
Multi-unit developments are buildings comprising residential units that share common facilities, amenities and services.  They can be apartment buildings, duplex units, stand-alone houses or a mixture of all three. They may also be part of mixed use developments and include commercial and retail units.
Where developments have more than five units with multiple private owners they are required to have an owner management company (OMC). However there are many instances where an individual or organisation will own or control a complete development or building and rent out individual units.

Whatever the structure what all owners and renters share in common is a desire to live and work together in a place that is safe and well maintained. To this end multi-unit residential developments need to be managed on a day to day basis. Some will opt to self-manage while others will appoint a dedicated property manager.
Our newly launched Livedin App allows the property manager to communicate in real time with landlords and residents and share important information.  

The Livedin App enables the property manager to communicate urgent and important information to owners and tenants via its notification feature. Through the Livedin dashboard the property manager can create and update customised content for each of the properties they manage.  After generating and circulating unique registration codes owners and tenants are ready to download the Livedin App for their development from the App Store or Google Play.
Livedin Listing
A growing directory of multi-unit residential properties and a locus for communities that recognise the importance of communications and information to maximise their quality of living and the value of their homes.
Property Managers
Cost Reductions
Save on traditional communication costs:  postage; stationery; and administration
Revenue Generation
Generate additional income through the provision and management of the App service
Customer Retention
Increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
Acquire New Clients
Differentiate yourself from you competitors
Counter Social Media Interference
Provide a dedicated and protected social media space for each of your managed buildings
livedin app
Useful Features
Real-Time Notifications
Communicate with customers in real time with updates and notifications.
Push Notification message technology allows for real-time delivery of messages to owners and tenents. Notifications can be of any size and can include photographs, documents and links.
Present Important Information
Communicate and store important documents and information.
Documents of all kinds and sizes can be presented on the app for viewing. These may consist of notices, policies, or general information about properties. Documents may be printed remotely from the smart phone device.
Admin Dashboard
The Livedin dashboard allows the property manager to manage content for existing sites and send notifications. It also allows the property manager to add new site easily and generate id registration codes automatically for circulation to new owners and tenants required to install the app on their smartphones.
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